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P&I Associates celebrated 32 years as commercial correspondents in 2010. The company was established to service the needs of the International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs in South Africa. The company quickly gained worldwide recognition as a first class commercial correspondent thanks to its team of highly motivated staff who specialise in every aspect of P&I insurance.

Due to the very nature of this business, Shipowners, Charterers and Operators run the risk of having to require a rapid response to any number of difficult situations and disputes. In this regard, the company has received numerous accolades and letters from all corners of the world from Shipowners, Charterers and Operators which bear testimony to the company’s commitment to provide the highest quality of service.

The company has a formidable team of master mariners, mariners, lawyers, surveyors, personal injury specialists and stowaway experts available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to respond to anyone of the above risks should such an event arise.

Over the years, the company has developed an emergency response plan to handle any major shipping crisis in our region. All our team members are equipped with the best technological tools available and we have an established and fully tested South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure that there would never be any interruption in our ability to provide our principals with a continuous and seamless service - no matter the unfortunate event.

In light of the company’s expertise and our reputation as leaders in the P&I industry, the company was requested by national government to hold a seat on the South African maritime national disaster committee where we continuously provide expert advice and assistance. So for example, if an oil spill were to occur anywhere on our coastline, the country now has a national contingency plan in place in order to respond to the incident. P&I Associates would automatically be advised of the incident as one of the notify parties which would immediately trigger our own emergency response plan.

The company is regularly requested by national government and the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) to provide advice on all aspects of the P&I industry and very often in relation to draft maritime legislation which may have a direct impact on the industry. The company therefore has exceptionally close ties with SAMSA and the Department of Enviroment.

P&I Associates provides the complete P&I SOLUTION in Southern Africa.

We manage the following risks:

  • Liabilities for loss of life, personal injury and illness.
  • Repatriation expenses in respect of crew.
  • Expenses incurred in sending aboard substitutes for crew who have died or who have been taken ill.
  • Liabilities in respect of the loss of the crew’s affects.
  • Shipwreck unemployment indemnity.
  • Diversion expenses (charges incurred for the purpose of landing or disposing of stowaways or refugees).
  • Collision liability (the one fourth not covered under the marine hull policy).
  • Liability in respect of damage to fixed and floating objects (cranes and buoys).
  • Liability for damage to vessels other than by collision, e.g., wash damage.
  • Liability under towage contracts.
  • Wreck removal.
  • Quarantine expenses.
  • Liability for loss or shortage of cargo or other property.
  • Liability for damage to or responsibility in respect of cargo or other property.
  • Unrecoverable general average contribution.
  • Ship’s proportion of general average not recoverable under the marine hull policy.
  • Fines imposed upon the shipowner.
  • War risks.
  • Liabilities in respect of oil pollution.


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If you are unable to get hold of P&I Associates on +27 31 301 1102 this is due to our phone lines being down
please use duty cell number +27 83 250 3398 in order to contact us. Thank you.

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